Samsung could be working on a foldable laptop with multiple hinges: Report – Republic World

Foldable smartphones have been around for quite some time now. Currently, the best selling foldable smartphones are from Samsung, including the Galaxy Fold 3 and the Galaxy Flip 3. However, companies are now turning towards large foldable devices. While Asus recently released a 17-inch foldable OLED laptop at the CES 2022, Samsung is reportedly working on a laptop with a foldable screen, along with a foldable keyboard. 

As spotted by LetsGoDigital, Samsung is working on a laptop that can be folded twice. The Samsung foldable laptop shown in the patent features a flexible screen that will allow users to fold it more than once. The was filed with World Intellectual Property Organisation in July 2021. It discusses a ‘Multi-foldable electronic device’ and was released on January 13, 2022. The foldable laptop has hinges across its frame. 

The Samsung foldable laptop has multiple hinges

The patent contains elaborate diagrams that depict the placement of internal components of the laptop and the folding hinges. As can be seen in the image attached below, the screen and keyboard have a vertical hinge.  From the looks of it, the laptop can be folded more than once. One of the illustrations given in the diagram shows that the laptop can fold vertically like a traditional laptop. However, due to the extra hinges on the keyboard and the screen, the laptop could be folded a third time as well. While this would increase the thickness of the device in a folded state, it would make it more compact for the user to carry. 

Another illustration shows how the internal components of the laptop will be placed. The processor would be situated at the extreme left of the device. Then one can see the keyboard circuit, power circuit and battery on the left part of the keyboard. On the right side of the hinge, there is a touchpad circuit, the keyboard circuit and the second battery. It is important to note that the keyboard on the foldable laptop will be divided into two halves and the touchpad would be situated on the right half of the chassis. 

To retain the foldable state of the laptop and to avoid an unintentional unfolding, the laptop has a clip that slides over and clamps onto the layers. Since it is a patent, there is a high possibility that Samsung will not manufacture such a device on a commercial scale. Additionally, the durability of such a device will be in question. Hence, readers should take this information with a pinch of salt.