Samsung Could Have A Foldable Rollable Smartphone In Mind – Android Headlines

Samsung is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about foldable smartphones. The company’s dominance in this niche is unchallenged. Its latest models — the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 — took the world by storm last year. The Korean firm is expected to build on that success with upgraded models this year. We recently saw what the Galaxy Z Fold4 could look like in concept renders. Today, we have the possible design for one of Samsung’s future Flip series foldable smartphones. This isn’t a concept render but a design based on a Samsung patent.

Earlier today, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published the documentation for a smartphone design patent from Samsung. The device is referred to as a “multi-folding electronic apparatus,” which is essentially a foldable smartphone. But it isn’t like the existing Galaxy Z Flip clamshell foldable. While it still folds horizontally, it is extendable as well.

When folded, this phone will be as compact as the Galaxy Z Flip3. You can unfold it to get a full-sized smartphone screen. On top of that, you can double the screen real estate by pulling out a rollable screen from the underside of the device. When fully pulled out, the device will be twice as long as the Flip3.

Per the documentation, the device will be constructed in such a way that the whole screen can be divided into two upright portions and two flat portions, one of each on either side. This will allow users to, for example, play multiplayer games on the same device simultaneously (see the schematics below).

This foldable rollable Samsung smartphone doesn’t have a secondary display

The schematics of this patent documentation reveal that Samsung will not equip this foldable rollable smartphone with a secondary display on the outside. Instead, users will be able to pull out a portion of the rollable screen for quick operations, without unfolding the phone.

As far as storing that extra screen is concerned, it will slip underside the device on the upper part. This will allow Samsung to use the lower part for the battery. The schematics show the screen folded at sharp angles. While that could be just for representation purposes, LetsGoDigital, the Dutch publication that unearthed this Samsung patent, notes that the Korean company is developing foldable screens with a curvature of just 1.4R. That’s significantly lesser than the 5R curvature of its current foldable displays. We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Samsung readying this tech for mass production in the coming years.

That said, patent applications are never proof that such a product is in development, or the company is even considering it. While foldables are certainly the way forward for smartphones, we might still be a few years away from multiple-folding smartphones being a reality. That too, with the foldable and rollable technologies fused. The rollable concept itself has yet to become a reality. But there are exciting times ahead for tech enthusiasts.