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Last updated: October 28th, 2021 at 09:54 UTC+02:00

Samsung has singlehandedly been advancing the cause of Android tablets. The best Samsung tablets are also some of the best Android tablets on the market. It’s also the only company that’s selling Android-powered foldable smartphones at scale. Samsung devices stand to benefit from any improvements in software that Google can deliver.

Google is doing just that with Android 12L. It’s not an entirely new version of Android. Android 12L basically delivers an enhanced feature set to foldable smartphones and tablets. Google is itself calling Android 12L a “feature drop for Android 12.”

The entire idea is to make Android 12 better on devices with larger screens. There’s an improved UI that includes a new two-column layout for the notification shade, changes to the lock screen, home screen and more. Multitasking will be more powerful with a new task bar at the bottom that allows for quick and easy app switching.

The Samsung Android 12L update isn’t going to arrive before 2022. Google has confirmed that Android 12L will be launched early next year. Samsung has quite a few devices that will be eligible for this update. It goes without saying that all future foldables and tablets will support it as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Tab series will likely be the only ones to get Android 12L. Even though this feature drop is meant for foldables, it won’t be suited to the tall and narrow foldable panel of the Galaxy Z Flip series.

Galaxy devices that should get the Android 12L update

Galaxy Z Fold series

Galaxy Tab series

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