Samsung Galaxy S23 could get improved front camera – Pocket-lint

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung might be upgrading a core component of its flagship Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup, according to a new report.

GalaxyClubNL says that it’s heard from sources that the phone will have a new 12MP selfie camera, compared to the 10MP that Galaxy phones have had for a few years now.

While the exact components may have changed, and significant software improvements have brought better and better selfie performance, it’s still nice to hear that we might be getting a raw resolution bump.

This could mean crisper selfies from phones that would perform well on this front even if nothing changed at all, although it leaves one big potential variable.

Under-display cameras (UPCs) are starting to become a little more common, and if Samsung is revisiting the selfie camera on its main phone, it could be the time to progress to a new format entirely by using a UPC itself.

There’s been no official suggestion from Samsung that it will move in this direction, but that’s no surprise – you can’t expect to learn official details about the phone for a long while yet.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.