Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could feature both horizontal and vertical hinges – Pocket-lint

(Pocket-lint) – A Samsung foldable featuring both a horizontal and vertical hinge is reportedly under development, and could potentially wind up as the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

As reported by LetsGoDigital (via Twitter leaker Dohyun Kim), the company’s next premium folding smartphone could be based on a recently granted patent – one that detailed a device with multiple hinges.

In function, it would be able to fold vertically and keep the screen on the outside, with the screen then on the inside when folded horizontally.

According to the outlet, the dimensions for the device would be slightly larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with Samsung also said to be considering an entirely new interface to accompany the design changes. 

As detailed in the patent, the phone would feature an under-display camera and also a triple camera array on the rear – perhaps in a similar style to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Based on the details and rough illustrations in the patent, graphic designer Parvez Khan has cooked up renders and a video of how the device will look.

Of course, while this has the potential feel of an open and shut case – especially given Kim’s recent track record with S22 leaks – it’s important to exercise some caution before cementing this device as an incoming smartphone.

We’re still many months from any potential fourth-gen launch of Samsung’s Z Series phones, for a start, and it’s also guesswork on our part that such a model would replace the Z Fold 3 and not simply represent a new branch of foldable.

Naturally, there are also questions surrounding the legitimacy of the multiple-hinge product itself, and whether Samsung could turn a relatively fresh concept into a consumer-ready phone so quickly.

Given how forward-thinking Samsung phones have been in recent years, we’d say it’s probably wise not to rule anything out at this stage, but we’ll also need to see a few more leaks and whispers before fully buying into this one.

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3 March 2022

Writing by Conor Allison.