Samsung is working on a “smart” electric guitar with a fretboard that lights up – NME

Samsung has unveiled a new “smart” electric guitar called the ZamString, which is designed to make learning for beginners easier with the addition of an LED fretboard.

The ZamString is part of a guitar and app combo called the ZamStar, launched as part of Samsung’s C-Lab Inside projects for CES 2022 last week.

According to a CES report by New Atlas, the smartphone running the app can be wirelessly connected to the smart guitar – it can present tablature onscreen during learning sessions, as well as lighting up the fingerboard, guiding your fingers to the right positions. Watch a product video by Samsung here.

The guitar itself features a built-in collaboration tool that will allow users to play a riff. They will then be able to edit it with effects on the ZamStar app before sharing it with other users.

ZamStar is described as an “integrated smart guitar and online jamming platform” with collaborative jamming functions that are said to support up to four instruments – including vocals – at any one time. Additional tracks can be added in to give more layers to the jam session.

New Atlas also reports that Samsung has no plans to publicly launch the ZamStar and ZamString projects yet, as they remain internal research concepts for now.