Samsung: no new Exynos chipset on November 19 – news –

The Samsung Exynos Instagram account posted a number of suggestive teasers yesterday, which led everyone to believe that the big reveal on November 19 will be a new Exynos launch. Today, the company took to Twitter to clarify – no new chipset, not on the 19th, anyway.

Instead, the company will reveal “some changes” to “our social accounts”. It looks like @SamsungExynos will be transitioned over to the new @SamsungDSGlobal account. The Instagram post says “We are moving to our new social channel on Nov. 19th. Stay tuned.”

Okay, that’s not nearly as exciting as we were originally hoping for. The new Exynos chipsets are coming, we just don’t know when. That rumored November 10 reveal clearly isn’t happening.