Samsung TV Plus Now Includes More Shows And Channels – Android Headlines

Samsung has just announced that it has added more content to its TV Plus service through a partnership with influential production houses.

The battle of entertainment between companies is rising, and each company tries to stoke interest in its entertainment content. Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Prime Video are prominent examples of tech companies’ investments in the entertainment area.

Samsung is also a major player in the entertainment department. The Samsung streaming service TV Plus now offers various types of content. However, it wants to enrich its portfolio with new shows and channels. According to the company’s announcement, it partnered with companies like ITV Studios, Banijay, and FreeSports to bring these channels to the service.

Most or all subscribers should be able to access this content. So long as they have a compatible device.

“Samsung Electronics Ltd has launched a series of owned and operated channels – including Wild Planet and Entertainment Hub.” “Samsung has also secured partnerships with ITV Studios, Banijay, and FreeSports which radically increase the breadth of free content available to Samsung TV Plus audiences.” the company stated.

More shows and channels are now on Samsung TV Plus

These partnerships have brought a host of new and familiar shows to Samsung’s service. These include American Idol 2022, Hell’s Kitchen, Deal or No Deal US, and Storylands. Shows like MasterChef Australia and Project Runway are also now on Samsung TV Plus. They’re available for 24/7 access through the service today.

Though it’s worth noting that American Idol 2022 will be an exclusive show to the service in the UK. Which means subscribers in other regions will need to find another way to watch it.

This partnership allows Samsung to offer more exclusive shows to its users and, hopefully, attract users from other streaming services. Competing with Apple and Google could be a good motivation for Samsung.

According to the latest Q4 2021 report, Android TV is currently leading the North American market with 42% growth. In the same report, we can see that Samsung has also experienced a good leap with 27% growth. So the Korean company can hope to conquer more market share in North America, one of the hottest streaming markets globally.