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Now’s a good moment to get a cellular Galaxy Watch 4. Woot is offering the 44m LTE version in green at an all-time low price of $225. That’s better than we saw in February, and a whopping $105 below the official sticker. It’s substantially less expensive than its non-cellular counterpart, in fact. Just remember that Woot’s return policy isn’t the same as its parent Amazon, and that inventory might run out.

Buy Galaxy Watch 4 (44m LTE) at Woot – $225

The Galaxy Watch 4 rejuvenated Samsung’s smartwatch lineup. The switch from Tizen to Wear OS gave it a more robust app ecosystem, and the improved health tracking (including continuous blood oxygen detection) will help with your fitness regimen. Add the attractive display, a newer processor and a touch-based rotating bezel and you’ll have a watch that should be appealing all day round, whether you’re working out or streaming from Spotify.

There are some limits. We found the battery life to be short, and the body mass scans weren’t consistent at review time. And unlike some Wear OS watches, it’s a no-go if you’re an iPhone user. Provided those aren’t obstacles, though, the Galaxy Watch 4 remains one of the best values in Android-friendly smartwatches — especially at this price.

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