Samsung’s new OLED display method for cheaper, bezel-less foldable phones goes into trial runs – PhoneArena

Samsung has developed a new flexible OLED display lamination method that can be used for creating truly bezel-less foldable phones while at the same time reducing the display’s overall thickness and making the screen cheaper to produce.

This cure-all solution uses an inkjet-like technology that sprays transparent adhesive instead of requiring multiple transparent adhesive tape layers to be inserted which is a time-consuming process that is on top of that nearly ten times more expensive.

Samsung has apparently overcome the challenges inherent to the inkjet printing method which caused the material to run down at the curved areas like the Z Fold and Flip lines hinge crease. 

Moreover, the print technology can go around interruptions in the display like the ones used for punch-hole selfie cameras with a greater degree of accuracy. Samsung has already ordered the test equipment and aims to run mass production trials in its Vietnam factory, reports The Elec.3M America holds the lion’s share of the printing equipment market, but Samsung is reportedly trying to substitute their expensive gear with alternative manufacturers. If the new flexible OLED lamination method leads to cheaper, lighter, and faster to churn out foldable phones from Samsung, we can all only cheer for the successful trials of the technology.