Samsung’s newest limited-time Galaxy Z Fold 3 deal (with no trade-in) is simply incredible – PhoneArena

If you’re a professional bargain hunter, you must have come across a few mobile tech deals looking too good to be true during your very serious, often very rewarding, and frequently nerve-racking activity.

When that happens, said deals are often not true or at least not as simple as they look at first glance. But on occasion, an absolute knockout will appear, defying logic and common sense while offering to save you hundreds on top of hundreds of dollars with no strings attached.

That seems to be the case right now with the unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G at Samsung’s official US e-store as part of the company’s sizzling hot summer Discover sales event. For 24 hours only, probably the best foldable device in the world (for now) can be had starting at $1,169.99.That’s… a fairly odd number, but it’s also a whopping 630 bucks less than what Samsung and major third-party retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are normally charging for an entry-level Z Fold 3 powerhouse with 256 gigs of internal storage space.Incredibly enough, the completely unprecedented discount can be combined with a complimentary Galaxy Watch 4 Classic as well (with no effort whatsoever on your part), bringing the total savings up to almost $1,000 (!!!) when considering the regular $350 price of possibly the best Android smartwatch in the world in an entry-level Bluetooth-only variant of its own.

If you hurry, there are no special requirements to meet and no hoops to jump through, although if you have something to trade in, you can obviously do that and take your savings even further. That something can even come with a cracked screen, and Samsung’s trade-in values are themselves pretty outstanding whether you’re looking to ditch a fully intact or broken device.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is sold at a huge discount with no strings attached right now in a 512GB storage configuration as well, fetching $1399.99 instead of its $1899.99 list price… with a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also included at no extra charge. 

Too good to be true? Perhaps at first glance, but this phenomenal deal is very much true… and going away soon.