The MLB app doesn’t work on this Samsung TV! Can I get a refund? – Elliott Advocacy

All Tom Moran wanted was a television that would be compatible with the MLB app. So he asked a Samsung representative if the TV he was considering would allow him to watch Major League Baseball through the app.  The agent says it would — but it turns out it won’t. Can he get a refund?


I went on Samsung’s website in November 2020 and requested a recommendation from their salesperson for a television that is compatible with the MLB app. I have a copy of the chat. So I purchased a 58″ Class TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV based on the company’s written recommendation.

But I could not test the television until April 2021, when the baseball season started. And when I did, the app didn’t work.

I have copies of all e-mails between Samsung and me. First, Samsung said the TV was past the return deadline. Then they promised they would give me an in-warranty repair. But the problem with that is you can’t make a television compatible with a simple repair.

Then, in another email, they claimed there is no fault with the television and there’s nothing they can do.

I believe Samsung should take responsibility for its mistake. They sold me the wrong television. I’d like to return the TV and get a refund of $385. I hope you can help me with this. — Tom Moran, Naples, Fla.


Samsung should have given you the correct advice. The TV you ordered is not compatible with the MLB app. But you wouldn’t discover this until the baseball season started, months after your purchase, and that complicated matters.

I’m not sure what the representatives meant when they said your TV was past the return window. For your TV, you had a one-year warranty that didn’t apply to this situation. The monitor worked fine, but not as promised.

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I’m in awe of the paper trail you kept. Not only did you save the online chat between you and Samsung — the one where they said the monitor would work with the MLB app — but you also have an email in which Samsung promises to accept the return of the TV. That’s all you needed to resolve this case.

Samsung admits this TV doesn’t work with the MLB app

Or was it? Well, when I reviewed Samsung’s paper trail, it appeared to backtrack, telling you it had no record of a promise made about compatibility, claiming the TV was out of warranty when it technically never was “in” warranty, and then pivoting and agreeing to an in-warranty repair, which was doomed to fail. Wow, what a mess!

You could have appealed this home run of a case to Samsung’s executives. I list the names, numbers and email addresses of Samsung’s customer service managers in our database.

I contacted Samsung on your behalf. It refunded the purchase price of your TV, as promised. Now you can buy a TV that actually works with the MLB app.

What to know about the MLB app

The MLB app is a subscription service offered through major platforms, including Apple, Amazon and via Chromecast.

How much does the MLB app cost?

There are two options that cover live MLB games starting with Spring Training all the way to the World Series. Subscribers pay an annual fee of $19.99 and a $2.99 monthly recurring fee. If you subscribe to MLB.TV, the MLB app’s premium features are included.

How to find a MLB app-compatible TV

If you subscribe to MLB.TV, you can find a list of compatible devices on the MLB website. Readers Digest version: it works with Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung, and Xfinity Flex and One. Here’s a list of supported TV models from Samsung.

Are all the games on the app?

No. Subscribers have access to live, out-of-market games but blackouts may apply. They also get access to game archives. If you want to access these games, click the “TV” icon in the upper right to select the desired game.