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There are many ways to customize Android phones, but Samsung Galaxy devices have more tools you may not know about. “Good Lock” is a suite of apps that allows for deep customization. We’ll show you why you should use it.

What Is Samsung Good Lock?

Let’s start with the basics—what exactly is “Good Lock”? Contrary to what you may think from the name, it’s not just about the lock screen or security. Good Lock includes a number of “modules” that allow for customizing and tweaking different parts of the operating system.

There are 14 different modules included in the Good Lock suite. They include the ability to customize the lock screen, notifications, clocks, multitasking screen, navigation bar, sound, and more.

Each one of these modules acts as its own separate “app.” For example, the module for the lock screen is called “LockStar,” the module for notifications is “NotiStar,” etc. You don’t have to use all of these modules, you can just pick and choose the parts of the OS you’d like to tweak. It’s sort of like an a la carte custom ROM.

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How to Download and Install Samsung Good Lock

Good Lock is not available to download through the Google Play Store as you might expect. Instead, Samsung offers it through its own Galaxy Store, which is installed on all Galaxy smartphones.

First, locate the Galaxy Store on your device and search for “Good Lock.”

Tap the “Install” button to proceed, then open the app when it’s finished.

Here you’ll see all of the modules you can use. They’re divided into two tabs—“Unit” and “Family.”

Select a module and you’ll be brought to the Galaxy Store to install it.

After you install the module, it can be used in the Good Lock app.

The 5 Best Features of Samsung Good Lock

There’s a lot you can do with Good Lock—it can feel a bit intimidating at first. We’ll start you off with five things to try before you dive into the deep end.

Theme Park

“Theme Park” was sort of like Google’s “Material You” theme engine before it was cool. Originally, it allowed you to create a custom theme based on your wallpaper. It’s now possible to manually tweak all the colors yourself.

It still starts will a color palette based on your wallpaper, but then you can adjust the accent colors to your liking. You can create an entire theme, or customize individual elements such as the Quick Settings panel, icons, and volume slider.

One Hand Operation+

Big phones can be hard to use with one hand, and Samsung has its fair share of big phones. Not to be confused with One-Handed Mode, this module makes the navigation buttons easier to use with one hand.

“One Hand Operation+” allows you to put the Home, Back, and Recents buttons—and more—on the sides of the display. Rather than awkwardly reaching to the bottom of the screen, you can do a simple swipe gesture.

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Home Up: Share Manager

“Home Up” is a module that can customize a number of different areas of your phone, but the one I think is the most useful is the Share Manager. Android’s built-in sharing menu isn’t great and this allows you to tweak it a bit.

You can choose which apps you would like to appear first in the sharing menu, turn off the “Nearby Share” and “Copy URL” buttons, and disable the contacts shortcuts. It’s really nice to have a little extra control over the share menu.

Home Up: Task Changer

Android’s multitasking screen is pretty good, but it could be better. My second favorite part of the Home Up module is the Task Changer settings. You can make the multitasking screen look exactly how you want.

Task Changer gives you five different layouts to choose from. You can stick with the standard horizontal list of cards, or go with a radically different “Slim List” of app names. On top of that, you can make the layout easier for big screens and turn on other UI elements or turn them off.


We’ve talked about Bixby Routines being the best reason to care about Bixby. Good Lock adds even more functionality to the already great Bixby Routines.

“Routines+” brings location-based events, triggers started with widget shortcuts, fingerprint scanner shortcuts, and some other cool things. If you’re into automation, there’s some really neat stuff you can do with Routines+.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Good Lock. It’s a shame that Samsung has given this suite of tools such a strange name because it doesn’t come close to representing all it can do. If you care about the finer details of how your phone works, Good Lock is an invaluable app.

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