Google is investigating this rather annoying Keep bug on Samsung phones – XDA Developers

Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps available out there. It’s simple, free, cross-platform, and gets the job done as you’d expect it to. However, for the past two months, some users on Google Forums have been complaining about a bug in Keep that affects numbered lists. This issue has only been reported by some Samsung users running Android 12, though. The company has confirmed that it’s investigating it, but it hasn’t shared a date for the fix yet.

Credit: Tim O 8971 on Google Forums

As 9to5Google has reported, users on Google Forums have been reporting an annoying issue affecting numbered lists in the Keep app. Tim O 8971 originally posted the thread back in November 2021, and a Product Expert has finally confirmed that the team at Google is looking into the issue. Tim explains:

I have an auto-numbered list on my Android mobile (Samsung S21+) and when I try to add items or navigate through the list, it adds more numbers to the items above. I’ve done this with much longer lists, with no problems, but now it’s happening on any new list I originate. See screen shot. Any ideas? On my PC, the synced note works fine. I can see the multiple numbers, but it works normally on the PC. Thank you.

As the screenshot displays, the auto-numbered list is repeating the numbers over and over again — whenever the user adds more items or navigates through it. A workaround would be using the web app of Keep until Google releases an updated build with the fix. It’s also worth mentioning that this bug isn’t affecting all Samsung phones running Android 12. However, all affected users have devices from the mentioned manufacturer and are running the latest version of Android.

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